First calm week

Slow is for pessimist. I want to see it as soothing. Apart from high tower price for virtually all items, Miri is great. On the first day after the flight, we realized that we haven’t been briefed enough about our journey. Practically, the ‘briefing’ at KLCC the other day was only a small talk and ticket handover for flight in about 2 hours time. Imran and Se having a lot of rushing to do, as they havent even started packing!

Let’s have a few examples of prices here: 12’pcs plastic hanger cost rm16, roti canai kosong rm2.50, and taxi fare for approx 15km cost rm20 per trip. I’m hoping to check for other places for cheaper prices. Until then, I’m gonna wait to buy things in peninsula.

In the taxi on our way to SKO, i realized the traffic was perfect. You could only speed to about 50-70 km/h for most of the time. At last, ive find the place where i can peacefully drive.

The weather is not as hot (remember UTP?). But i didnt fall easily for those air-conditioner. The first day at the hotel, i turn them all off. Those, forced closed volume makes me fever-prone.


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